Arctic Monkeys Cornerstone
Arctic Monkeys


Cornerstone - Arctic Monkeys

(AKA Best Stalker Song Ever)


I feel there aren’t enough people in my life to sit back and appreciate The White Stripes and Jack White with me.

  • Jack White: *doesn't get a single word of trash tongue talker right*
  • Jack White: *gets all of the words to apple blossom right immediately afterwords*
  • officialstegosaurus:

    I don’t think it’s possible for a bassist to be unattractive


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    Name: Scarlett
    Nickname: Some kids used to call me Scar, but that didn’t go too well with the parents/teachers so no, not really. 
    Birthday: April 12
    Gender: female
    Height: around 5’6/5’7
Time Zone: 
    Eastern Time (US)
    Average hours of sleep I get each night: during school about 8/9 but on the weekends like 10/11 hours.
    The last thing I Googled was: "How to fix my proxy settings" (I think i have a virus…)
    First word that comes to mind: Donut (im really hungry guys)
    What I last said to a family member: okay, thanks.
    That one place that makes me happy & why: my room? bc its the place i can listen to my music at full blast without bothering anyone
    How many blankets I sleep under: three, maybe four… (I get really cold)
    Favourite beverage(s): Coca Cola’s pretty good.
    The last movie I watched in the cinema: The Giver
    Three things I can’t live without: Music, killer guitar solos, and food
    Something I plan on learning: I want to learn guitar (like techniques and stuff) , and maybe another language.
    A piece of advice for all my followers: Just take it as it comes, and be thankful when it’s done. 
    You all have to listen to this song: (I cant even narrow it down to one album oh lord) For sure Catch Hell Blues- The White Stripes and Everything You’re Breathing For - The Parlor Mob
    My blog(s): This is all I’ve got.

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(via DKNG Studios » Jack White Live in Kansas City)

This is my new cover for Facebook lmao